Thursday, 3 March 2011



gds said...


Oddly, I think I know you. I used to be good friends with Ross and, by extension I like to think, with you. Or maybe you're not the person I am thinking of.

Anyway, someone sent me this comic because it had Urusei Yatsura in it and I like(d) Urusei Yatsura and I like comics. I read it and smiled and then looked at the blog url and thought "there can't be that many Barnaby Suermondt's that know of Urusei Yatsura and like comics" and then I wrote this message.

If you're not who I think you might be, it doesn't really matter because I still like your comics. I should really do some work now.

Anyway, ta muchly for encouraging me to look up Urusei Yatsura on youtube.

B Suermondt said...

yep im Ross's uncle. thats cool that someone sent you the comic because it had urusei yatsura in it. I hadn't listen to them for ages and only this year dug them out again, they're a fine band.